“It was a good thing I applied in this training school! I’ve been playing and training here for two months now and my family noticed how much I improved compared to before. It was a good thing I enrolled in here. I know it was worth it so my friends joined me as well.” – Lily D.

“Lily! Thank you so much for recommending this training school to us. If it wasn’t for you, we probably would be left out from the tennis team. It’s nice to see you and our friends grow while we enjoy doing tennis together. I can’t believe we are now improving as the athletes we want to be and are currently being successful in enhancing our talent in this sport. I hope we can play and practice here as much as we can.” –  Penelope W.

Penelope, I didn’t expect you to be here but I’m glad you’re here on the forum. You don’t have to thank me, you know. I just want to be with you guys while I enjoy playing tennis. It’s more fun when I get to be with you and besides, you all wanted to train more so I figured that I should invite you to train with me in here. I just hope that you are having fun as much as I do because I love The Memphis a lot! – Lily D.

Of course, we are having fun in here with you! It is so good to be in The Memphis with you and our friends. I even hope we can invite more people in our tennis team in school so that we all could enjoy being here when we don’t have training in school especially when we couldn’t do that these days. Next time, let’s tell them about The Memphis training program as well! – Penelope W.