Q: Hello, is it true that we can enrol or apply by group? If yes, can we apply online?

A: Hi! Thank you so much for sending your message to us. Yes, it is true that you can apply as a group and you may also do it online. To apply as a group, just go to the membership tab, find the group icon, and click it to register one by one and submit it as a whole.

Q: Is there a discount when applying for membership or enrolling alone or is it only applicable for group enrolments and memberships?

A: Hi, thank you so much for sending your message to us. We only have discounts for people who apply or enrol as a pair or as a group.

Q:  Hi! I have always wanted to try enrolling in your training school. However, I don’t know your schedule of openings so I have a hard time deciding whether I should enrol or not. May I know when you are open and when you are not?

A: Hello, thank you so much for your interest in our school and training program. The Memphis is always open on weekdays and closes on weekends. If you are going to choose a schedule, you may choose 3 days only on weekdays.

Q: Can I enroll only for summer?

A: Hi! Thank you for sending your message to us. Yes, you may apply and enrol only during the summer vacation. We do have training programs during the summer in which we include fun activities you may enjoy. Other than that, we also have a lot of things to offer in summer so please do check our website before summer comes.

Q: Is there any age limit?

A: Hi, thank you for your question. No, there is no age limit in The Memphis.