Light skin, what is it about? All facts & pictures

I am not a dermatologist, and this information is not intended to be a prescription or diagnostic of how to treat a skin problem. Please consult your physician before using any skin product. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Allergy and skin conditions: • This product contains a synthetic fragrance. • This product may cause skin reactions, including itching, peeling, and irritation. • It is not recommended for people allergic to other fragrances or ingredients. • The amount of product used in a person's daily routine may be increased. • Do not use a product with a "sponge" that has a consistency of water when washing your face. If you do, your skin may be irritated. The Sponge is only for washing your face. It can not be used to clean your face or your teeth. • If you experience irritation, discontinue use and seek professional help.

• Some products don't have a clear label; therefore, you may be advised to consult your physician. It's not good to use an unproven product that you've never used before. • Some products have ingredients or effects that are not in line with those for which they are marketed. These are generally not effective. • If you're concerned about the quality of a product, ask for the ingredients in the ingredients list to be listed on the product packaging or on the website. • If a product doesn't say what it's supposed to do, don't use it.

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