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Find the right balance between healthy living and enjoyment

For many years I have been working on finding the right balance between healthy living and enjoying life. As many of you will recognize, a snack and possibly a drink is part of a pleasant meeting with friends, family or a moment of enjoyment with yourself on the couch. For a number of years I put a movement moment opposite each snack in order to ‘stay in balance’. At that time I was able to measure in every possible way how healthy I was. That was always sweating!

A very simple and widely used way to measure whether your weight leads to underweight, healthy weight or overweight, is BMI (Body Mass Index). In this method the body weight is divided by the square length.

Example: I am 1.82 m tall and I weigh 73 kg.


——————————– = 22,04

1,82 x 1,82

This would mean that I have a healthy weight.
BMI categories

< 16; seriously underweight

16 – 18.5: underweight

18,5 – 25: normal (healthy) weight

25 -27: slightly overweight

27 – 30: moderately overweight

30 – 40: serious overweight, or (medical) obesity

40 – 50: sickly overweight, or morbid obesity

50: super obesity
BMI alone is not reliable enough for diagnosis

However, BMI cannot be used on its own as a reliable measure of obesity, because differences in physique are not taken into account in this calculation. This also includes the ratio of fat mass, bone and muscle tissue. When you perform multiple measurement methods, you will of course get a much more complete picture of the person.
Complete picture

Measure your waist circumference around the narrowest part of your waist. Measure as you exhale. It is recommended to lose weight for men from 102 cm in size, for women from 88 cm in size.
Your normal weight can be calculated by your body spring minus 1 meter for men, for women it is minus 1,10 meter. For me that would be 1.82 m – 1.10 m = 72 kg.
Skin fold thickness measurement is also a method that says something about your healthy weight. This is best done by a professional. He / she then measures your skin fold in four different places. Based on this, your fat percentage can be determined.


These methods can help you gain insight into your health. For me they work more as a confirmation than as an eye-opener. I now know for myself when I feel comfortable in my skin, feel fit and in balance. So don’t be surprised and listen to your own body.