Looking for the best place to train yourself and improve your skills in tennis other than inside your garage door in Florida? If so, you definitely came to the right place because The Memphis is open for everyone who wants to play tennis! We welcome you both on our website and our field, so feel free to visit us anytime you want and anytime you can.

The Memphis has always been a great place and field for tennis players to visit especially for all those practices and matches. We practically became a practice-field for aspiring players and we are more than happy to let everyone play here with us. However, now, we are open to training players in our field in order to enhance their skills more.

YES! Whether you are a kid or an adult who wants to learn more about tennis, you can enroll in The Memphis and start practicing and training in our field. You are free to create your 3-day schedule with us and make sure that it will fit with your work or school schedule. If you want to enroll online, just go to the membership tab and apply to whatever class interests you, or you can call us, send us an email, or just go to The Memphis to personally enrol for classes.

We are open on weekdays so make sure that you visit us according to our schedule as well.

By enrolling, you can have access to only the very best trainers when it comes to tennis. They are all professionals and are considered as the best players here in Florida so you have nothing to worry about the people who will teach you in The Memphis. Check their profiles, do your own background checks on our trainers in order to make sure that you will have the best training with us.

What’s best about The Memphis is that you may not just train alone but with your friends or relatives who are also interested in tennis! This is because we welcome anyone!


By enrolling together, you can have discounts on classes and even have free sessions! So what are you waiting for? Make sure that you invite your friends or relatives as soon as possible and enrol together to have better and more fun experiences here in The Memphis. We all know that in everything we do, the more, the merrier. Don’t leave out your family or friends at home while playing tennis, be sure to invite them, and train with them as much as you want.

Remember that The Memphis is free for everyone and you can join us, no matter what your age or gender may be. Just go to the membership tab, apply, and you’re all set. We are glad to help out those aspiring tennis players like you so join us in The Memphis and you will get to enhance your skills and bring out the best in you. It’s easy and it is so much fun. You can always train with different people or those whom you already know. Don’t waste more time and apply now!