The Memphis was built ten years ago when a group of tennis players decided that they should also create their own field. It was made for fun only and was meant to be used by these people. However, when people started getting curious about this place, they opened the area for everyone to access. These tennis players welcomed other people inside the field as it became an open park where everyone can go in and play a round of tennis. People were exhilarated by this opening and thought it was so nice of the players to open their property for other people. Not long after that, they gained more people who watch them whenever they play and practice inside.

A few years after, they created this place as a training field for everyone. Other than new professional tennis players, more children and adults were interested to play here as well and learn tennis. And so, they opened the The Memphis as a training school for aspiring tennis players. It was a great idea for both the players and the aspiring ones because they can help each other out when it comes to tennis. These professional trainers can teach the children and adults how to play tennis perfectly and the income coming from the payments of the enrolees are used as donations for former players who have gotten sick or are now unable to play.

These people can work together in enhancing their skills. They get to have fun, learn more, train, and help other people who are in need. It was a great idea for The Memphis field to open and become a training ground for aspiring players and it is a good idea to help out former athletes who need help too. In the future, The Memphis will still continue teaching and welcoming aspiring athletes who are yet to come.